How to change or recover the password of the router if you lost it?

Sure, everyone knows that in order to prevent your PC from all kinds of threats, which overwhelm internet, they should always protect router’ interface by constantly changing their password and login. But today most users choose not to bother with it and use default security settings, never realizing the fact, that their data is under the great threat because modern viruses can steal even your personal data, including the information about your credit card.

In order to protect your data, we recommend you to change these settings each month so almost any hacker will not be able to infect your PC by any virus threat.
Firstly, you need to read a manual and find what you should type in your browser’s window in order to get access to your router typing login and password (this information you can also find in the manual).

If you’re lazy enough to look through the manual in search of this information just look on the backside of your router. Usually you will notice a sticker with the information you need.
Most routers by default using the word “admin” as a login and the same is for password. In some cases, there will be no password at all.

If you remembered that not so long ago you did this procedure and just forgot your current settings, then we recommend you to reset your router manually to factory settings, which will reset your password as well.

After you connected to the router’s interface just change your login and password, but you should remember that doing so, you need to write it down somewhere. However, don’t even think to write it as a note on your desktop! Really, it’s dangerous!

Think about the complex passwords, which will include both numbers and words. For example, it can be your index number with the maiden name of your mom. Trust us; this combination will turn the job of any hacker into nightmare!

We hope that this piece of advice will help you!