How to change router’s password?

Doing it will help you to protect your wireless router and network from hacker attacks.

There are 2 password type which can be used: administrator password and network security key. First type was made to provide access to configuration panel of device only for administrator. Second type purpose is protection user’s wireless network from unauthorized access.

Steps for most of the routers

Different routers have different configuration panel interfaces. It can be change because of manufacturer, model, firmware differences. We can’t give you individual guide, but password changing principle for most of the routers is the same.

  1. Firstly, you should open your Internet browser and get on router’s configuration panel authorization page. It can be done with help of or IP addresses. Enter one of these addresses in browser’s URL bar. To get on authorization page, you don’t need Internet connection, but your router must be enabled and connected to PC.
  2. Here you can see password and login inputs. Enter your credentials to get access to configuration panel. Default credentials can be found on bottom side of your device’s body. If they were changed and you don’t remember them, you should reset router to factory defaults. To do it, find reset button on device body. Then press and hold it for 20 seconds. After that, you can use default credentials again, but you should set all settings again.
  3. To change admin password, find something like “System”, “Maintenance”, “Administration”. Enter new password in this section. Don’t forget to save settings. This action won’t cause wireless network changes.
  4. To change network security key, you should enter in section like “Wi-FI network” or “Wireless”. When you are here, just type new password and save changes. After that, all your devices will be disconnected. Connect them using new password.