How to reset your wireless home router to default factory settings by using WPS/RESET button?

Meaning and process:

  1. If you reset your router settings, you will back to default factory settings which you get after buying your router. We don’t recommend you to reset wireless router if you don’t remember you custom settings, which were before resetting, otherwise you would configure your settings again.
  2. Usually WPS or RESET button is placed on backside or front side panel. Using WPS button is process when you need to press and hold it for five seconds. After that WPS LED lights should start to blink. To reset router, you need hold this button for ten seconds.

There are two way of resetting your router to standart factory configurations:

First way:

Router resetting by using RESET button

You router must be turned on. Press and hold WPS or RESET button for more than ten seconds. You need wait for router’s LED SYS will start to blink. Firstly, they will blink slow, but then frequency will growth. After these steps, you should release button. Your router will be backed to standart factory configurations.

Second way:

Router resetting by using web-interface of your wireless router

You need to get in router’s web-interface. To do it, you need type specified IP address in web-browser address bar. List of IP addresses for every router’s manufacturer you can find on our website. You need to visit section “System Tools”. Here should be “Factory Defaults”. Your next step is clicking “Restore” and waiting some period of time for router resetting to standart factory configurations.

Things that could help you in this way:

  1. Check that your router is connected to power source.
  2. The most of routers use, IP addresses which you should type in your web-browser address bar to get in web-interface page.
  3. Be sure that your personal computer is in the same subnet as router. As example: your personal computer is 192.168.1.X or 192.168.0.X and subnet mask is


Process of resetting router’s setting in serious solution, so you need to be sure why you do it. It can be useful if you forget identification custom information, but you have access to default identification information.