Several ways to obtain an IP address of your router

You should know that this procedure is available on both PC and Mac.

1. If you are using any version of Mac OS then you should click on Terminal App and type the following:

route -n get default

The value of “default gateway” will let you know the needed IP address.

2. If you wish to know the IP address of your router on your PC based on Windows operating system, then there are 2 available options. All of them are connected with the “Run” app, which can be accessed from the Start menu.

Firstly, type this:

cmd /k ipconfig

The second option is typing this traceroute command:

cmd /k tracert

Note the traceroute log it will show you the needed IP address.

If you are experiencing problems using these hints, then you need to reset your router. This procedure will force IP address to change to default settings, which you can find on the net for each router.