What should you do if your router does not work?

Imagine that you had a hard day and came back home dying to watch some videos on the net. Firstly, you turn your router on and then you do realize that it doesn’t work or your PC cannot be properly connected to the net. We bet that almost everyone had such problems and the first solution is calling your local provider.

However, is it difficult to cope with this problem on your own? Actually, no. Sometimes you need to reset it.

But, if you still experience problems, then we tried to give you some simple hints you should know in such cases, so you can cope with this problem by yourself.

First of all, if your PC is connected to router by Wi-Fi, then try to use a network cable instead. Sometimes the problem is with Wi-Fi settings on your router, which somehow were disturbed. You need to configure those settings again and then use the router as you always did before.

However, sometimes this method just do not work. You connected the network cable and realized that nothing happened. The internet connection is lost. Do not worry; no need to panic.

Check the light on the network port and make sure that it blinks. If yes, then type in your browser window: (see the manual for the proper address if it differs) and then configure you Wi-Fi connection. In most cases, it is the main solution to your problem.

Nevertheless, if you did not happen to notice the blinking light, then we do agree that you have all kinds of trouble and you really need to call your internet provider to get help.

In addition, the last thing you need to know! The range of all modern Wi-Fi routers is limited and the further you PC is, the slower will be your connection. We do think that it’s not a problem to place your PC closer to your router.