What should you do in case you forgotten the router’s password?

If you bought a new modern router, then, for certain, you paid attention that during its first connection and installation it demands to input a password, which is written on the backside of the router or you can find it in its manual. Sure, not every user wants to share his WiFi connection to all the neighbors and changes this password after the installation of new device is completed.

However, try to imagine that you bought an iPhone or any new mobile device and want to connect it to the internet using your router and right at this moment you do realize that the password is not valid.

«How it is possible?» – you are screaming in your head.

Perhaps, the default password was changed and you wrote it somewhere, but just cannot quite remember.

«What should I do?» – you are asking yourself.

In such cases, we can recommend you to open a manual and learn how to reset a router to its factory settings.

However, if you lost your manual somewhere and just cannot get the right password, then we thought of it and tried to present the list of the most popular default passwords for almost every modern router. See for yourself!