IP Setup IP address is mostly used in Lynksys routers address. Different routers and other home devices, which can be used in purposes related with Internet network, use this IP address too.

Owners of network need to do some changes in current settings or setup new configurations. Moreover, this IP can be used on company computer networks.

There are a lot of devices in your house that can use this IP address instead home router, but we don’t recommend you to do it. Using different device as network computer can be cause of IP address conflicts. relates to private IP address range which begins from and continues to

Way of accessing to router with 192.168.l.l IP

You shouldn’t remember your IP address for all time. Smartphones, laptops, etc. can find your home wireless router by using its name in case when they need to get in the Internet. You should know IP when you set up new device or when there are some troubles with your network and you need to fix this.

If you have router which uses 192.168.l.l IP address, you can enter in its web-interface by opening web browser and typing IP address in address bar.

This action provides you to enter in router’s admin panel, where you can find all settings and change them. There can be some troubles which caused by these things:

  1. Your home router can connect to administration panel using web browser
  2. Router uses different IP address instead
  3. Your PC and web browser can’t connect to the network

Troubles with home wireless router and solutions

Every modern device can have some problems, but manufacturers developed ways how to solve them. These ways were made to find out why your router, which uses IP address, can’t respond. Troubles can be related with router software or hardware issues, client device, or with wireless/wired connection.

How to find out your router’s IP address?

If your router doesn’t use IP address, it means that it was changed or manufacturers choose different address for this model. The easiest method of finding IP address is checking your device’s manual book or visiting manufacturer’s official website. As we told above, IP address range begins from and ends in Trying all these addresses would take a lot of time, so you can download special software to determine your current IP address.

What should I do if my PC configured wrong?

If your router, which uses IP address, works correctly, that mean setup of computer’s network may goes wrong because of incorrect connection to your router. Recommend you to check all wires which connected to device. If you’ve done all correctly, you can ask help from advantage owners of router or call master.

Sometimes router resetting can help you to solve problem, but all settings will be returned to factory defaults. If you aren’t scared of it, you just need to find reset button and then press and hold it for about 30 seconds.