All the definitions you need to know so anyone will understand you

If you wish to speak like a pro about anything related to PC and Wi-Fi connection, then we would like to arm you with some phrases and words you surely need to have in your personal vocabulary.

The most well-known word is Wi-Fi. In fact, it is a type of an internet protocol, which helps you to connect to the internet wirelessly.

The device that provides you this connection is a router. It also has an IP address which looks like a row of numbers (for example In fact, these unique numbers help you and others to locate anything on the net. By the way, all those websites you type in your browser’s window you can access by typing their IP address.

If you have to define the number of PCs in your network, then you should enter the IP address mask. Usually it look something like If you notice the last zero there, then you should know that it is an actual number of addresses within one network. The first one and the last one are broadcasting addresses.

Do you remember those devices of previous century which needed your telephone line in order to get Internet access? Those called modems.

That slot, which you usually use to insert your Ethernet cable in any router is called – WAN port.

If you need to address external network packets to any IP address, then this procedure is called – Port forwarding.

In addition, the last thing you should know! All those devices connected to your router are, in fact, your home network. The same thing can be applied to your office and then it’s – business network.

Right now, you are aware of some useful terms so that you can never hesitate to speak freely to your local provider!